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dressing for pleasure

"The basis of this critique (and I hear it day after day from scornful men and some self-satisfied women) is that we have "certain unchanging and easily defined needs" - that having bought a pair of trousers you shouldn't need another pair until the first ones wear out and there's no reason to buy anything other than an identical garment...These arguments are based on the idea that we make logical decisions about what to wear...and if only we could stop shopping, cease our endless search for unnecessary stuff, we could change the world.

But fashion is largely to do with pleasure, and pleasure is not rational, for we do not choose to eat, say, a chocolate eclair, with the aim of fulfilling our daily calorie quota. We fall victim to a cake because it is delicious." - The Thoughtful Dresser, by Linda Grant

Where showering praise on The Thoughtful Dresser is concerned, I'm rather late to the game because this book came out nearly a decade ago (2009), but as …

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